#TCCC2 – December 2012

The second Challenge Club was a bit more challenging 😀


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce

The Continental Challenge Club

number 2!

Alright everybody, the end of the year is near and again we want you to demonstrate your creativity, so prepare your phones, cams, tablets or whatever else can take a photo. Here we go…

The Challenge:
Make a picture that captures somehow the mood of this special time of the year and include something that matches the colours of the following fairytale quote: “…Would that I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood of the window-frame…” And guess what: Include a +The Dick Turpin Road Show logo in any way you can imagine aaaaaand something to eat 😉

The Rules:
1. Your submission must be submitted by the 21st December 2012.
2. Your submission must be tagged with * #TCCC by +The Continental Breakfast Club curated by +Gregory Wellington and +Thomas Heine*
3. Your photo should not have restricted copyright – we might want to re-share it or use it for non-commercially. It would be best to use a Creative Commons licence, maybe BY-NC.
4. You should not have reservations about us publicly re-sharing your original post. We want to entertain the world with your awesomeness!
5. Have fun and enjoy your time!

If you made it to here you are interested, thank you!
All submissions will be evaluated by a syndicate of trustworthy persons and yes, there will be prizes as usual!
6. If you are a lucky winner, we will require your postal address so that we can send you the prize.
7. We will have a special surprise that is highly depending on the amount of submissions and is worth the idea of Christmas, so spread the word!

Good luck and have fun!


And here are all the lovely contributions 🙂

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