About TCBC

The Continental Breakfast was founded in March 2012 by Thomas Heine with the help of Gregory Wellington and has been setup in order to promote blatantly, through obvious product placement, The Dick Turpin Road Show Podcast.  #TCBC meets on a Friday when members are obligated to post a picture on G+ featuring a #TDTRS mug (or other piece of massively overpriced #TDTRS mechandise) and a breakfast item.

If you want to contribute add us to your circle and just post a photo of your breakfast with a #TDTRS mug publicly on Google+ and add the following to your post/picture:

#TCBC by +The Continental Breakfast Club curated by the slaves +Gregory Wellington and +Thomas Heine and the incredible +The Dick Turpin Road Show , hosted by +Peter Cannon and +Matthew Copperwaite.

You can use this Copy & Paste Version below, as it makes your life easier:

#TCBC by +118353890557485110586 curated by the slaves +115400988166856542901 and +101183569540121937896 and the incredible +101060211706957639114, hosted by +100694334141523232451 and +107043342900977781635.

Please ensure that your photo is licensed appropriate so that we can re-share it or use on this page or any other #TCBC or #TDTRS related project.

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